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In my earlier days with my trusty Olympus 10 film camera

In the days before digital cameras, I travelled the world with this camera taking hundreds of photos using 35mm slide film.  The Olympus was a reflex camera allowing for interchangeable lenses.  In the photo above taken in Yellowstone National Park in the USA, I am making one of those lens changes.  And what sort of images were taken in those days?  Here are a few examples from that mighty National Park, digitised from those original 35mm slides.

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With the advent of digital photography I quickly switched from film using a number of Canon cameras starting with a 350DSLR and a compact Ixus .  More and more Canon lenses and equipment was purchased together with the computer sofware and hardware to ‘process’ the images.

Today I am fully committed to Canon using their ever more sophisticated Cameras such as the 7D and their top of the range L series of lenses.  Most of the photos on other pages of this site were taken with this latest equipment.

Please note all images throughout this site are at low resolution and small file size in order to give faster page download times.

All of the images are Copyright and may not be used without the express permission of Trevor Jolley Photography.

If you are interested in using any of my images or would like high resolution prints or downloads, please contact me as I am sure we can work something out.